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The feedback from Minto...was very valuable in making a selection. I really enjoyed seeing how the different job applicants responded to a different hiring process - FUN! A word not often associated with hiring.

Chris Loat, Dishlink Communications


After Best Books went through the show's initial screening process, Careers Today was able to generate a much higher number of qualified candidates for me to choose from than I would have been able to find on my own. It's usually hard to find someone good enough - this time it was hard to choose between good candidates. The hosts did a great job of helping me differentiate the candidates. They had basically the same experience and skills and it was not an easy decision. Plus, I don't mind saying that it was great publicity for my business at tax time. I'd definitely recommend the show to other business owners - it's good hiring and good marketing. 

Maike Engelbrecht, Best Books


I thought it was an absolute blast. I like your style. You provoke a lot of thought. You're professionals, and you can really see that. Also, it's really good that you force us to make a decision on the spot, because in life, time is a very valuable commodity.

Daniel Frankel, Point Group


One of the best experiences I got out of this hiring was not having to go through all the resumes and screen, and I got better candidates than I usually would. You gave me insight on what kind of questions to ask, how to ask them, and how to dive a little bit deeper into these people. We don't have the luxury of making too many mistakes, and when I have professionals like yourselves helping me to hire the right person I feel a little bit safer. I was also very impressed with the way you handled it with the person who wasn't successful. You were compassionate, and you put a plug in for him as well.

Charles Brodeur, Tilano Fresco


This was a great experience. The way that the candidates reacted was clearer to me than when I had the face to face interviews. Face to face they all look good but you don't have the comparison. And the marketing is fabulous. As a small company we haven't had the opportunity to be on air and our resources are still very limited. So that's invaluable.

Ulises Scmill, XQueez Organic Juices


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