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Employers partnering with Careers Today enjoy top quality recruitment - we source and screen the candidates that fit the profile you want - but the even greater value is in having an entire hour of radio time devoted to profiling your company, your products and services, and your culture. You're hiring anyway - why not invest in getting a better return? Employers tell us again and again that they save dozens of hours of screening time, get better quality finalists, and learn crucial things about their candidates' initiative, creativity, relationship-building and performance under pressure in our interview process… that all adds up to a more pleasant, confident and reliable hiring experience.

Just as important, employers applaud the chance to reach out to customers and potential future employees through the format of the show. The show itself has a growing listening audience of educated professionals in the 30-54 demographic. The show also has a life beyond its broadcast, as we give you a copy of the whole show for your website, short clips you can embed in a pdf or html newsletter, and a press release to help you get more value out of your appearance. Customers wanting to know more about who you are and employee prospects thinking about putting in an application can learn a lot about you very quickly with just one click on your Windows Media Player file. Read Employer Testimonials here.


We take great pride at Careers Today in our ability to provide an unparalleled value to the quality companies who partner with us. We give you an opportunity to showcase your business model and to add to your team in a manner equally innovative and proven effective. We also give an opportunity for the candidates who interview with you not only to possibly land a new job but also to learn about themselves, their skills, and what it takes to deliver an interview performance that will advance their careers. And 100% of the candidates who have participated - including every one of the candidates who did not get a job -- has reported a positive experience and said they would do it again. Read Candidate Testimonials here.

It's absolutely win/win. We wouldn't do it any other way.

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