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We know the decision to participate is an important one – and we prefer to meet face to face to answer all of your questions.  What follows is just an overview of some of the more common concerns employers have, with an invitation to contact us and ask us in person.  Once you get to know our team and see the care we put into every show, we’re confident that you’ll be confident, too.

What if one of the candidates I like is working and needs to keep his or her application confidential?

Careers Today is sensitive to the privacy concerns of the employers and candidates who participate on the show. To that end, the following measures are in place:

  • Candidates are addressed by their first names only
  • The names of the previous companies that the candidates have worked for are not used on the air
  • Candidates are cognizant of the fact that they are on the radio and can choose to give as little or as much detail in response to questions as they feel comfortable with.

What if there are aspects of our business or how we hire that we wouldn't want to talk about publicly?

No problem.  Remember that you completely maintain the integrity of your typical hiring practices and will have privately interviewed and screened these candidates before we get to the show.  Once we're on air, you choose the questions you will ask and you decide how much information about your company you would like to share. 

What if the candidates don't want to come on the show?  I don't want to scare off someone good.

That could happen.  But in all the shows we've done so far, it hasn't yet.  When you tell them that they have made the final two, candidates naturally tend to be pretty excited and want to move forward.   What’s important is that you let us explain the show, because we know it best. 

Once you introduce the idea that the final interview will happen on the radio, our producer quickly follows up to give your candidates a sample show to listen to and answer all of their questions in detail.  We make sure they understand that they will be treated respectfully and get quality advice even if they are not hired.

We help candidates settle their nerves and deliver a better interview performance than they might have under normal circumstances. Literally every person we have worked with so far has been very excited to participate.

Is Careers Today a reality show or a game show?  The candidates are competing against one another right?

Yes and emphatically NO.  Careers Today is a radio show on which the reality of a job interview and hiring decision is shared with the listening audience, and that is a competitive process.   Anyone who goes to a job interview is competing against other candidates.  The opportunity to compete is what an employer offers with an interview, and that is what we offer on Careers Today.

That said, the program bears no other resemblance to a reality show in the sense of the current television genre.  It is not in any way manipulated for dramatic effect and the participants are not put in situations designed to compromise them for anyone's entertainment. 

The interviews are serious; the recruiting is high quality; and the participants are treated with dignity and respect throughout the process.  Listen to a show for yourself and we're confident you'll agree.

What happens if I run out of questions or get stuck for a minute?  This is live radio, right?

Well, it's live-to-tape which means that we try to run through the whole show uninterrupted and as naturally as possible but if you did have a problem, we could fix it to your satisfaction.  Our hosts will spend some time with you before the show reviewing the segments and checking in as to how many questions you have, and they'll be there to support you through the process.  Our goal is for you and your company to be showcased in the best possible light and we'll make sure that happens.

Who decides who gets the job?


Our hosts will offer their opinions on the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates based on your assessment criteria for the role and then they will step back and let you make a completely independent decision.

What happens to the person who does not get hired?  

Our hosts and producer spend a few minutes with them after the show to make sure they are feeling good about the process and they understand clearly why the selection was made so they can learn and improve accordingly. 

Their resumes will also be kept on file for future opportunities with Careers Today partner companies. 

  • One was hired later on by the featured employer. 
  • Another was hired by someone who heard the show.  
  • We don't have long term information on all of them, but we're fortunate to be able to say that every candidate who has participated in the show - including everyone who did not get a job - has reported a positive experience overall.
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