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About the show

Careers Today is the title of the only recruitment radio show in Canada. Careers Today provides career and recruitment advice to thousands of professionals. Careers Today Radio broadcasted weekly in Vancouver for more than 4 years and showcased employment opportunities with some of Canada's top companies while providing weekly advice to professionals on innovative self marketing techniques to effectively to secure a new career position. 

In this new economy, sourcing the right talent remains the most important and difficult challenge facing companies today. Engaging and recruiting the right talent to help your organization stay competitive is more important than ever. Careers Today can help you recruit, retain and maximize your company's number one asset, your Employees.

Listen to past shows

Listen to past shows on Vancouverís premier talk station, 1410AM Radio-The Buzz of Vancouver, to get the latest career and recruitment tips and ideas.

Our past shows offer in-depth interviews with professionals whose path to career success offers valuable insights for our listeners such as Dean of the Sauder School of Business, Dan Muzyka and VP of Human Resources for Vancity, Grace Pulver.  And some of our favourite shows profile quality companies and the value of hiring great people and treating them well.  Some of those employers even bring their hiring process to the station, working with the show host Minto Roy to interview two final candidates, their resumes well screened and their references checked, on air with someone getting a job at the end of a very exciting hour.

Education and Entertainment

Past shows in our archive section provides an excellent learning tool for participants and listeners alike but balances the seriousness of topics like business development and career planning with a humour, wit and lack of pretension that keeps it fun to listen to. Click here to read testimonials from past employers, candidates and other featured guests.

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