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If, before shortlisting, you would like us to speak with each promising candidate on the telephone and ask them a few key screening questions, we would be happy to do so and provide you with a brief written report on each candidate’s responses.  Many employers find this added feature saves them considerable time and effort.


We will also contact up to three (3) references per candidate and provide a brief report on findings.


Careers Today employs a variety of standardized and validated personality assessments, which can be invaluable in their emphasis on work styles and preferred behaviors, helping you get past the “right” answers most candidates give in interviews to uncover the likely responses you can expect from them on the job. Please inquire to find out which assessments might best fit your particular hiring needs.


Careers Today will go through the interview and selection process with you – or for you, if you prefer.  We’ll use our questions or yours or a mix of both.  We can develop a scoring matrix to suit your needs, or just record anecdotal impressions.  If you do not have a lot of experience in hiring at a particular level, or like so many of our clients, you would simply like an objective viewpoint to help you make your decision, we’d be happy to help.


If requested, we can prepare a brief report summarizing findings on each of up to three (3) final candidates and detail the rationale behind our hiring recommendation.


Not sure how to compensate your ideal candidate?  Creating a new position for which there is no precedent?  Simply running out of time towards the end of a lengthy recruitment process?  We would be happy to prepare an offer letter for you and work with you on terms.


We’re so confident you’ll be happy with your Careers Today hiring experience, we will guarantee the fit of the candidate you hire through Careers Today.  If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with the performance of the new employee and you want to re-hire the position within 6 months of hire, Careers Today will once more advertise the position, screen resumes, prepare a shortlist of candidates, and support you to find a more suitable fit at no additional cost.

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