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Professional Recruitment Services for Sourcing, Retaining and Maximizing your Company's Talent and Revenue Needs. 

At Careers Today Canada, we believe that no matter how great your products or services are, the true differentiator will always be the people that represent your Company and sell and service your customers.  We strategically partner with companies to engage and recruit talented employees that are driven to make an immediate impact on your corporate bottom line.  

Our experienced recruitment team has honed the capacitiy to present the vision of your company's opportunity.  Recruiting and engaging talented professionals from traditional sources utilized by the majority of jobseekers and from our proprietary resume database of professionals accumulated through years of recruiting, screening,networking and career coaching. At Careers Today we proudly work on both sides of the hiring desk, meeting great companies looking for talent and meeting talented professionals looking for great opportunities to contribute. 

Careers Today Canada - Recruitment Radio

Careers Today Canada provides career and recruitment advice to thousands of professionals on Vancouver Radio hosting highly popular radio shows such as; Careers Today and "Grow Your Business Radio on 1410 am CFUN and "The New Reality"  on CKNW.   

Careers Today Radio broadcasted weekly in Vancouver for more than 4 years and showcased employment opportunities with some of Canada's top companies while providing weekly advice to professionals on innovative self marketing techniques to effectively to secure a new career position.  Minto Roy has coached and assisted thousands of jobseekers from around the world.  From CEO's to students to professional immigrants striving to effectively integrate into Canada's work force. 

In this new economy, sourcing the right talent remains the most important and difficult challenge facing companies today.  Engaging and recruiting the right talent to help your organization stay competitive is more important than ever.  Careers Today can help you recruit, retain and maximize your company's number one asset, your Employees. 

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